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Propelling your business with powerful social campaigns

Social media is a massive part of the online industry. Communication is evolving at a rapid rate, that’s why having a social strategy is intrinsic to your online activity. It ensures that your brand’s voice is heard above all the social noise.

Reaching your target audience is essential, but creating and retaining those lasting relationships is indispensable.

With our social media management service we understand your audience wants to talk with you, engage with your brand, and potentially buy your product. We’ll discuss with you a social tone so that your online image represents your brand just as well as your offline image, making you instantly recognisable by what you do and the things that you say online. We deal with all things social scheduling, content creation and community building whilst you take on the one-to-one customer interactions.

Creating lasting social media content that inspires can sometimes feel like chaos. We’re here to take the strain off you to help reinvigorate your social channels with your brand, and you, at the core.

Using the best tools to give you the best results

We use the best social tools on the market to help position your brand on social media driving high engagements and brand awareness.

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Social media can work exclusively, but you get the most out of it when it is integrated with other channels such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing and paid advertising. By combining social with other elements of digital marketing (under one roof) you ensure you are reaching your target market through multiple touch points, delivering the same message and strengthening your relationship.

Delivering SEO tailored content and social in tandem for example can work wonders in fuelling social sharing, whilst also improving your organic visibility.

Want to see how? Get in touch with our social specialists to discuss your brief in detail.

Social Media Advertising

With social advertising we deliver meticulously built, precision targeted social campaigns. We segment and focus on your personalised audience so that your content is put in front of your target market and those interested in your product or service.

Our social advertising strategies are perfect for if you are looking to market a promotion to a specific group of people, increase your social reach, and improve content engagement, or simply to gain more fans and followers.

Why do you need us?
Social ads are relatively simple and easy to set up, but the skill lies in knowing how to optimise each bit of copy to get the best return possible. Much like our PPC services, we can work with you to get the best out of your ads budget.

The results speak for themselves
impressions in 6 months
A garage door company
A brand new Pinterest campaign set up to target the home improvement community. Through strong imagery and keyword targeting we have developed a campaign that started at 100 impressions a month and now hits 1,300 impressions a day.
Increase in impressions Year on Year
Picture Frames Express.
Although already on Twitter, the strategy for this long term client was revamped to deliver more engaging and varied content based around seasonal topics and Twitter trends, which all encouraged interaction and reach.
Increase in followers
Picture Frames Express
Through increased post frequency, quality and variety the reach and followers numbers for this account risen over the last 6 months. Posting content that targets the art and photography community as well as user generated content.
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