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A leading SEO Agency in Coventry

Here at HeadRed, we won’t make promises to get you to #1 in the SERPs using spammy SEO practices that will eventually get you penalised. Instead, our specialist SEO team will utilise their technical and creative skills to naturally build your organic online presence, getting you in front of your customers for the right terms. Gain rankings=gain visibility =gain traffic = gain customers.

We encounter all kinds of businesses here at HeadRed; local SME’s to Coventry looking to begin building an online presence, larger companies who have had SEO services previously but had a bad experience, and national companies looking to simply expand their digital marketing efforts to include SEO. Whatever stage your business is at; our team offer a dedicated service, focused upon results and relationship.
Using the best tools to give you the best results
At HeadRed our team of SEO experts utilises a range of tools to tap into their client's data, customer behaviour and competitor landscape to deliver cutting edge SEO campaigns.

This combined with our industry knowledge and technical expertise creates a formidable force in organic optimisation be it national or local.

Build stronger foundations with an SEO Audit

To achieve a sustainable online presence, our team follows a process to ensure a website has the right foundations in place from the start. Our SEO Audits look at the complete picture for a website, both on and offsite signals, technical and content-based. An audit delivers a well-optimised base in place which we can then build on to strengthen a build a brand’s online presence. All new clients at HeadRed go through an initial site audit.
The HeadRed Approach to SEO

The key to getting your business to appear at the top for Local Search is the right combination of locality, consistency and relevancy. To get the best results, HeadRed’s targeted strategies encompass a range of online marketing techniques...

Building a Sustainable Online Presence
On and Offsite Optimisation
Jargon-Busting, Simple but Innovative SEO
Transparent Reporting
Search Engine Optimisation at HeadRed

Our team has been working closely with clients for years to deliver tangible organic results in the rankings. We understand how Google ranks websites.

As Google Partners, our team looks to stay one step ahead of the competition, implementing innovative SEO practices and taking advantage of new SERP features and achieve those increases in search traffic quality you’re after.

Our client base includes, amongst others, businesses in recruitment, financial services, estate agents, large ecommerce based businesses and local tradesmen.

Full-Service Integrated Campaigns

Being a full-service agency means we can offer fully integrated campaigns where all your digital marketing activities work in tandem to achieve results.

Here at HeadRed we aren’t about dazzling new clients with promises of going straight to No.1 for a set key term, we look at the bigger picture, optimising your site to improve your organic visibility and traffic overall. We focus upon delivering real and sustainable results with tailored campaigns. There’s no one size fits all approach! We look at users search behaviour, onsite behaviour, your industry and your priority conversion areas as well as past data to deliver the best campaign.

Get in touch with our team to discuss SEO services delivered by our Coventry based agency.