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Pennard Hill Farm

What was
the brief

Pennard Hill Farm is a multi-award winning company that offers luxury holiday cottages in the idyllic setting of Mendip Hills. They also offer a unique camping experience for the UK’s biggest festival by providing stunning surroundings for off-site camping at Glastonbury. Situated at the top of the hill, Pennard provides magnificent views and secluded accommodation for a limited number of guests.

HeadRed was tasked with creating a brand new and responsive website for Pennard Hill Farm and delivering digital marketing campaigns to promote the brand and services at peak season.

Our designers created a unique brand identity for Pennard Hill Farm by designing and developing a bespoke and responsive website. This included designing the logo, custom icons and a premium theme to reflect the luxury service that they offer. The elegant design concept reflects the farm’s character and charm with large imagery to showcase the tranquil country setting. The marketing team also created an effective email marketing campaign to support the website and continues to increase engagement across the company’s social media platforms.

The Results
Increase in organic sessions
Increase in total enquiries
Increase in page views
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