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DoorFit, the country's leading supplier of high quality garage doors and architectural hardware were looking for a company to unlock the potential of their existing Magento website.

The current Magento site hadn’t been creatively updated for some time and because of this, the website sales had stagnated and shown zero growth.

HeadRed’s brief to enhance the user journey to improve customer interactions and sales/conversions.

Before we conduct any redesign project, our internal processes are to fundamentally understand the user experience and where possible, fill any gaps that contribute to a bad user journey.

HeadRed commenced the project by reviewing all the data available and scrutinising this information until we understood the objectives of the client and end-user. The data was vast, but by taking this time to understand the motives, we were able to identify serious issues to the existing customer journey, which provided us with a clear concise design brief and goals.

The site was designed with all these principles in mind and by performing this task, the newly launched website is being rewarded with lower bounce rates, enriched user journey, website ranking and sale/conversions.

The Results
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