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Reach new customers with a search engine optimisation strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Without the correct search engine placement your site could be losing out on a vast amount of potential business.
A well structured search engine optimisation campaign is the fundamental starting point for a fully integrated digital marketing solution.

The web is full of people looking for your products or services and SEO allows you to seamlessly leverage your business in front of this exclusive targeted audience who require little or no convincing to engage with the solutions you have to offer.

  • Improved search visibility in search engines
  • More organic visits to your website
  • Increased enquiries or sales from your website
  • A sustainable marketing campaign
  • Enhanced brand awareness
Search Engine Optimisation

What to expect from a HeadRed SEO campaign?

So just how can you move your shop closer to the punters and grab a slice of the action?

Think of your website as a shop in a city centre. At the moment it’s tucked away down a vast network of narrow alleyways where nobody has any hope of finding it. All the successful shops are sitting prominently on the main high street where hundreds of potential customers walk by every day.

This is where our SEO service can help. With our SEO service we will ensure your website is on the first page of search results where your customers are most likely to find you. With greater visibility your site will see more visitors, more enquiries and ultimately more new business.

Having a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website is a powerful tool to attract customers and market your business. But unless your site can be found easily by the web’s search engines, it won’t be getting the attention – or the results – it deserves. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, uses techniques to help website owners improve their search engine rankings, and therefore garner more attention and visits from consumers.
Many of the techniques used by companies offering SEO services are based on the use and placement of specific keywords – terms used by consumers to search for the products or services offered by a website. When a consumer initiates a web search, search engines use those keywords to locate the websites that appear to most closely satisfy the search request. Sites that are ranked highest are returned first, typically resulting in higher numbers of visits. SEO experts study consumer search behaviors to learn which keywords are most effective for specific industries and businesses, and then embed those keywords within the text of the website or within the site’s underlying HTML code so that the site can be found more easily – and more often – by search engines.

Companies offering SEO services also have an in-depth understanding of how study search engines work and how they “see” keywords within a site and its code, which allows them to embed the keywords in the most effective manner to ensure the best results. Many people make the mistake of thinking that SEO is simply “keyword stuffing” – essentially, cramming as many keywords into a website’s text as possible. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth: Most search engines are sensitive to “stuffing” techniques and may even ban sites that use the technique from their engines.

The HeadRed Approach

To achieve a sustainable online presence, HeadRed follow a process to ensure a website has the right foundations in place from the start. This involves having the right site structure and optimised content, which is essential in setting the scene for a strong organic search campaign. With a well-optimised base in place, we can then build your brand online to further strengthen the site’s presence in organic search listings.

Onsite Optimisation

Making sure your website is accessible so that search engine spiders can crawl key content and place your site in their index.

Ensuring your site has optimised content for the target audience in order to get search engines to list your site in the search results for relevant terms.
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