Local SEO

Local SEO

Get your business in front of the people who are actively looking for local products and services available in their areas through Local Search Engine Optimisation.

You might think that because you don’t sell online that your website is purely just a brochure to complement your offline business, but actually your website can be used to attract more customers to your products or services, whether you have a restaurant, shop or whether you’re a local tradesman fitting windows and doors. With 70% of online searchers using local search to find offline businesses in their area, this presents a huge opportunity for you to attract more customers to your door through optimising your website for local search.

If you have a local business serving particular areas then you have a great opportunity to gain more business through your website with a local SEO campaign. Through optimising your website for search engines to ensure it appears in the search results when someone searches for your products and services online, you could become the number one choice in your area.


Optimisation for Google Maps

Google has the biggest share of search traffic online and 1 in 3 searches on Google is a local search. Not only is there an opportunity for your business to appear within Google’s search results, but there is also an opportunity to attract more searchers through Google Maps. The key to getting your Google Maps listing to appear at the top is the right combination of locality, consistency and relevancy.

Simply just adding a Google Places listing in Google Plus is not always going to work, more than often you need to complement your local listing with an effective local SEO campaign to ensure Google favours your business over your competitor down the street.

Target searchers on the move with Mobile SEO

Did you know that a third of all Google searches are from a mobile device, and that 39% of people who visit a business offline do so as a direct result of performing a local search from their smartphone?

Mobile searchers are often people on the move, or people looking for a quick solution – which often means they need the services of a local business. This emphasises the need for your business to appear in mobile search results, which can be achieved through a successful local SEO campaign and local PPC campaign.


HeadRed Local SEO

HeadRed can help you attract more business locally through creating a local SEO strategy tailored to suit your specific business needs. To get results, HeadRed’s local SEO strategies encompass a range of online marketing techniques such as:

  • Onsite optimisation – making sure your website is optimised efficiently for your keywords and for your area(s)
  • Google Maps (aka Places/Google Plus) – correctly setting up and optimising your local listing
  • Local directory optimisation – creating and optimising local directory listings to maximise the impact of these
  • Local PR – public relations in your area can really boost your brand online
  • Content marketing – creating a content strategy to attract and engage with your local audience
  • Social media marketing – reaching out and engaging with your target audience in the places they hang out online

Want to boost your local business?

If you want to generate more business from local customers, give us a call to find out how we can help you. We can carry out a mini local-SEO audit on your website so we can spot the opportunities for improving your local presence online, or we can arrange a no-obligatory meeting to have a chat about your needs.