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Attract potential customers
to your business with an
inbound marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an effective way to increase your business online through the technique of attracting your target audience to your website and successfully converting them into qualified leads or paying customers.

As your target audience could be searching online or browsing the internet during different stages of the buying cycle, there are several points during that cycle that you can reach out to them and pull them back to the content on your website.

Once you have captured your audience on your site, the next phase of inbound marketing is to engage them and eventually convert them through persuasive copy and enticing call-to-actions.

Our approach to inbound marketing is simple and effective.

We generate a return on investment for our clients through applying these 5 stages of inbound marketing to every campaign we run:
Inbound Marketing
Brand Awareness
The first stage of marketing your business online is to get your brand in front of your target audience so they know that you exist. By understanding your target market, their interests and behaviour, HeadRed effectively place your brand in the right places for your potential customers to see.

Engage & maintain
Getting your audience’s attention and gaining enough of their interest to follow your brand or visit your site is valuable, however to make those newly acquired followers and visitors more likely to convert into customers and brand ambassadors, HeadRed’s strategy involves creating engaging content to build an online community.
Attract & acquire
Simply making your audience aware of your brand often isn’t enough. To increase the likelihood of your audience becoming a potential customer of yours, it’s essential that you present your audience with enough of the right incentives to attract them either to follow your business socially or visit your website.

The fourth stage of HeadRed’s online marketing strategy is focused on converting followers and visitors into customers. Whether your business goals are to generate more sales or more leads online, HeadRed employ a variety of techniques to increase your conversion rates, from enhancing your promotional messaging to optimising the user journey on your website, our ultimate goal is to ensure our marketing efforts have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Create brand ambassadors
The end goal is to turn your customers and fans into brand ambassadors who will then help to spread the word and promote your brand to their peers online and offline which will in turn build the brand awareness of your business.

The marketing mix
It is our strong belief that the most effective way to be successful online is to incorporate a range of methods into a fully-encompassing online marketing campaign which will generate traffic to your site through various channels and build a stronger online presence for long-term goals. To ensure you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket for generating business, we use various methods.
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