Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Grow your business with an integrated online marketing campaign

Have you launched, or are you planning to launch a brand new website?
No matter how good your website looks, it’s not going to generate you any business without any traffic.

How do you gain traffic to your site?
Well that’s where HeadRed come in. We tailor unique online marketing strategies for our clients to attract potential customers to their websites through a variety of channels including paid search, organic search, social media, email marketing and referring websites. At HeadRed, our primary goal is to achieve a return on investment for you so we craft strategies based on your business needs and goals.

Our Strategy Creation Process

  • 1. Understand your business
    It’s important to have a good understanding of your products or services so that we can market them effectively. What are your unique selling points? Which products have the biggest margins?
  • 2. Understand your audience
    Not only do we need to know what we’re promoting, but we also need to know who we’re promoting to so we know how to attract them. Who is your typical customer? Why do they have a demand for your product or service?
  • 3. Research audience
    When we know who you’re targeting we then need to understand what they get up to online so we know how to reach them. Where do your target customers browse online? What sites do they use? What content do they consume?
  • 4. Create strategy
    We piece all of this information together to create a winning combination of marketing methods to target, reach, attract and engage your target audience in order to drive customers to your website.