New Site Launch: Website Video Coach

Date: 4th September 2014

Author: Hannah R

Paul Hayes

Formed by radio presenter Paul Hayes, Website Video Coach specialises in helping businesses to connect with their target audience through onsite and YouTube videos.

Paul provides this fresh and dynamic service to cater for the growing trend in video marketing, passing on his knowledge and helping businesses create high impact videos tailored to their target market to gain the maximum exposure.

HeadRed were employed by Paul to develop both the branding and the site for Website Video Coach. Paul wanted something that was fresh and dynamic and reflected video skills throughout.

The site developed is high functioning, and filled with video content. Rather than simply placing videos on the site the dev and creative team focused on how they could integrate them into the site to show the importance of video throughout and the flexibility of videos, displaying them within various devices.

Responsive with a vibrant, visual design, Website Video Coach effectively showcases the video skills of the team !

“They keep communication going all the way through (nothing worse than now knowing where you’re at with a project, right?), always friendly, helpful, and their design work and site functionality is second to none.” Paul Hayes Website Video Coach

(Read the full testimonial Here)

We’d love to know what you think; visit the Website Video Coach site

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